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Miss Molly Myga The Mooditating Cow

Miss Molly Myga The Mooditating Cow

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A gift of mindfulness for children We proudly present the one and only Miss Molly Myga, a happy, cuddly but not ordinary plush cow. Molly loves jumping on her yoga mat and practices mindfulness and meditation. Like every other child, Molly sometimes gets sad, angry and frightened. With Yoga, mindfulness and meditation, Molly has learned how to manage her emotions and can help children to do the same. What does it include? The box includes a soft plush toy with built in cartilage framework to bend and stretch Molly freely into all kind of yoga poses. 45 card decks with yoga poses, mindfulness activities, breathing exercises, visualisations and learning cards to help children feel grounded, find calm, improve focus, stretch and build strength, practice loving, kindness, relax and learn about yoga and cows. Who is it for? Designed for children, but don’t let that fool you. Molly and her activities can be just as much fun and transformative for parents!

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