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Black insulated terrace and its bombilla

Black insulated terrace and its bombilla

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The calabash is the optimal accessory to use! Why? Like any plant, the maté swells with infusion. It needs space to release all its flavors. By opting for this accessory, the material thus has all the space necessary to infuse freely. With its aesthetic and clean design, this double-walled stainless steel insulated calebasse equipped with a waterproof lid, will allow you to keep your material warm for long hours. It is ideal for consumption throughout the day whether you are in the office or on the go. Unlike traditional calebasses (wood, squash...) which absorb the flavors of the maté and require special maintenance, stainless steel is a neutral material and allows flavor mixtures without altering its taste. Also neutral for your health, it is guaranteed BPA-free. Keep warm for 6 hours.

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