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Heaven’s Way

Break Free (Hardcover)

Break Free (Hardcover)

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A new journey awaits as you begin to trust God and grow in your faith. Discover the life that God intends for you to live.

Break Free by Raquel Perez is an essential guide for any woman who desires to grow in her faith and discover who God created her to be. Raquel shares her life experiences and stories of overcoming challenges faced in this big world. Through Raquel's story, you will find the keys to placing your trust in Jesus and developing the confidence to live the life God created you to live. Your new journey awaits as you begin to trust God and learn to overcome barriers and challenges.

Including a daily devotional with unforgettably inspirational Scriptures, encouragement, prayer, and space for journaling to develop your thoughts and find comfort; this guide will lead you into victory as you've never experienced before. You'll begin to feel the Holy Spirit bring truth to your heart and break you free from old mindsets and past setbacks. Prepare yourself for the miraculous journey that awaits with the God who fights your battles and is ready to meet you where you are today.

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