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Rabbit Double Sheepskin 300

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**Soft cuddly carpet in double sheepskin shape** Set up your own personal feel-good zone with this cuddly soft high pile carpet from Arte Espina. The design in double sheepskin shape is very special. You get the classic sheepskin shape in double length, so that the carpet can be used in many ways. The carpet can be used well not only as a floor covering in the form of a runner. The soft cuddly carpet is also ideal as a throw for the sofa. Order the carpet in the right color for you and enjoy the comfortable feeling of the soft surface. The carpet may differ in its actual color. Different incidence of light and different coating directions of the pile can create different shades of color. Pile height: 15 mm | Material carpet: 100% micro-polyester | Material back: 80% polyester 20% synthetic resin (anti-slip)